Kosode with blooming cherry trees and Chinese characters



Kosode with gabions and blooming cherry trees



Kosode with blooming Japanese plum trees and circular windows




Kosode with hawks, maples, waterfalls and stone pavement pattern



Kosode with mapled and Chinese characters



Furisode with flowing water and irises



Furisode with tachibana orange trees and bamboos



Katabira with fans and Japanese plum trees



Kosode with letter boxes



Kosode with snow roundels and chrysanthemums



Kosode with butterfly and a twisted flower



Kosode with noshi ornament and flowering plants



Furisode with flowing water and bush clovers



Kosode withseasonal flowers, shikishi and tanzaku poem slips



Koshimaki with various treasures patterns



Furisode with branches of Japanese plum tree, wisteria and maples



Hitoe with yatsuhashi bridges over flowing wate



Kosode with eight scenic views of Lake Biwa



Kosode with Yoshiwara pleasure quater



Katabira with pleasure boat ride party at a pond

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